Tips to wear sheer

We often think that wearing a sheer top or dress can be a problem - what to wear underneath .... that enhances the outfit, covers up everything you want to cover, shows what you want to show, and feels comfortable.

Wondering, for example, how to get away with wearing that amazing vintage sheer lace dress you lust after from your favourite store? - we have the solution!

 - Try wearing a soft toned coloured slip under your little lace black dress - it enhances the detail of the dress and lifts the outfit to make it even more elegant. We suggest either our Hazy Hydrangea or Dusky Sky slips.

 - Layer one of our coloured camis under any of your sheer shirts - the soft tone of the camis boosts the colour of your shirt or top, while allowing a peek at the lovely mesh detail on the cami.

 - Loose knits are a favourite, and having a beautiful soft colour showing through adds another dimension to the look - try the Soft Tangelo under navy, grey and even off-white - it's a beautiful combination.

 - Who doesn't love the look and feel of a flowy sheer dress - our Nude Or Not slip is a go-to colour for any sheer piece you have in your wardrobe. But try mixing it up and wearing our Hazy Hydrangea slip - the dress takes on a slightly different look and instantly expands ways to wear your favourites.

If you would like some help deciding which colour would best suit your closet favourites, please drop us a line and our stylist will give you the best solution!