Tips on how to layer

The idea of layering seems so simple but getting it right can be a bit of a skill, can't it?

Layering is the best way to mix up your outfits and work with the pieces you have, to broaden your wardrobe.

Adding in coloured camis and slips is an easy and very cost-effective way of achieving this - its the perfect fashion solution, when wearing something different each day is your end goal!

 - Do double denim justice by creating a monochromatic look with our Dusky Sky cami underneath your denim pieces. This way you maintain the full denim look with a light layer as your base, that keeps the colour palette in tact.
 - Wear a coloured slip when wearing your asymmetrical crossover skirt or dress - this works particularly well in the office environment. This way you don't have to worry about any 'reveal' and you'll show a lovely bolt of colour as you sashay down the office corridors or the street!
- Suit up with a Sheath Beneath cami underneath - whether it be the corporate look or a fabulous dinner suit, wear a coloured cami with the lovely touch of mesh showing under the blazer and you'll be able to mix and match each time you put this outfit together.

We'd love to hear how you layer and wear our pieces - so please write to us and we'll share them with everyone! Email us at