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Hello all, I am so excited to bring you our first travel blog - a long time in the planning, this is our first - and to be annual - 'inspiration' tour for our brand. Colour is at the heart of the Sheath Beneath brand - and what better way to get the creative juices flowing travelling to wonderful destinations, to be overwhelmed by colours and cultures!

Enjoy and we welcome your comments....

After a few days in Bali and being my first time here I see the allure. First and foremost the Balinese people have the most beautiful nature calm happy respectful and it's a pleasure to be amongst them
Bali overwhelms the senses, the noise, the smells, the beauty of the landscape. And the opportunity to relax is obvious and easy. Eating seafood on the beach, being pampered in a traditional spa, wandering the markets and staring at the sunset( albeit through volcanic ash this week which ironically has heightened the colours!) are just some of our amazing experiences.
I chose Bali to kick off the trip as our year of launching the brand warranted a well-earned break and of course this destination offers a smack of inspiration for us going into the seasons ahead. Spending time at the W Hotel Seminyak has been amazing, relaxed, stylish, full of wonderful design and they have been the perfect hosts.  

Next stop Istanbul and the Greek Islands. 

Istanbul sights and sounds......

Istanbul, and I seem to have arrived  at the beginning of the 4-day festival following Ramadan - a time when everyone that lives in Istanbul is on the streets enjoying their freedom and their city! Which for any tourist feels like the city has somewhat exploded! But it gives me the opportunity to see everything Istanbul has to offer. It's steaming hot but that doesn't stop me from drinking turkish coffee and downing wonderful baklava for breakfast! To escape the heat we jumped on a cruise on the wonderful Bosphorous River, gliding up toward the Black Sea and down back to the Marmoran Sea. Some very amazing coastline, dotted with sultan's summer and winter palaces, exotic hotels, beach clubs and rocky beaches. I'm an explorer so used my  legs to their best ability and walked what seemed from one side of Istanbul to the other - in and out of fascinating little shops selling everything from olive soaps, turkish linens - (I may have purchased a few...) and more turkish sweets. The quality of the leather here is outstanding and wandering around the Grand Bazaar is a shoppers' paradise! It takes all the willpower possible not to buy the first item you see as you WILL see it again for a lower price - negotiating (or haggling) is their national sport!

Next up - cruising the high seas - more of Turkey and Greece.


 My home for the next week ... okay I'd say!!

Well for someone that isn't a 'cruiser' - this most certainly changed my mind! Met the most interesting people from all corners of the globe - and we mostly hung around in our swimwear looking glamorous at the pool - which is kind of an interesting way to get to know people, don't you think? We ate too much, of course, drank cocktails at pretty much any time of the day - and visited far away places all in 5-star luxury. Think I could do this again some day. Please write to us and let me know what cruises you've taken and what the highlight was for you

Mykonos... having lunch at the very trendy Nammos Restaurant - eating just caught seafood and drinking ouzo - not bad!! 


There is always a going home time, and we love coming home - to family, friends and new opportunities. 

There will no doubt be more adventures and experiences shortly ... stay tuned.


The team at Sheath Beneath team