About Us

Sheath Beneath was conceived out of necessity.

The need for a chic, comfortable piece to wear under our closet favourites. A camisole or slip that feels like wearing nothing, and provides the perfect first layer to your outfit. Simply, it solves the problem of what to put underneath! Sheath Beneath will inspire you to create new looks with touches of seasonal colour. With both camis and slips you'll find that new outfits will evolve and you'll be reaching for a Sheath Beneath piece most days to start your look for the day. 

“Having all these coloured slips and camis in my closet I’ve discovered how versatile they are and how they’ve instantly  expanded my wardrobe and my outfits!”  Veronica T.  

 Is this your story? 

What do we focus on when pulling together an outfit for the day? Always the outer layer and fair enough. But often our favourite pieces require something underneath to complete the look. And how many times have you tried something on in a store just to hear the words ..."you just need to put something underneath". It sounds simple enough but it's always a struggle to find the right camisole or slip to make the outfit work. We’ve all been there. We quickly realise there is a gap in our wardrobe. 

Fashion stylist and editor Marianne Malafosse comments “I absolutely love the label! The camisoles and slips are on high rotation both in my wardrobe, and as part of my styling kit. Finally a collection that will fill a void in your wardrobe.”   

Our customers write to us



Our customers tell us they needed this item in their wardrobe - we felt the same and this is exactly why we created the range. We focused on the best fabric, a soft and comfortable cut and shape, and seasonal colours as well as nude and black basics, and just enough detail so they can be worn on their own. 

We know you’re going to love them – enjoy x