Make travel easy!

One thing we are all very sure of when we travel - there will be shopping! So minimising what you take runs through our minds - doesn't it? Lightweight versatile pieces, that can be mixed & matched are ideal for changing up your outfits and always looking fresh! Anything that you can roll into nothing, that doesn't crease, and you can wash out overnight ready for the following day is a true travel winner. The team did a long trip in late 2015 with only 1 suitcase, so strategic packing was a must! But solved very easily with taking 5 different coloured camis to layer over shorts, long skirts and jeans, that can take you from morning 'til midnight worked a treat!! We took our slips too, which we wore solo as slip dresses for cocktail hour with chunky necklaces and bright sandals, as the evenings were so hot!

Light layering & your best travel partners

And did I mention comfort? Soft fabrics that drape comfortably take you on long haul flights as well as super hot days wandering the streets of Rome! While your flying, layer over a denim shirt or underneath a jacket. And for evening, throw over your amazing handmade throw you found at Campo Di Fiori whilst buying your produce for the day!

We know your are thinking about your vacation for 2016 - we certainly are - so know the versatility of these pieces should be on your list of packing essentials - happy travels xx

Photo credit: Sienna Miller by WhoWhatWear

Photo credit: Dusky Sky cami by Sheath Beneath worn here by Monika, Miss Universe Australia

How to wear sheer tops and dresses & how to layer

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