2016 and it's all about the blazer!

As we slide into 2016 and think about how all our favourite pieces can be brought up to date to match current trends, one piece that jumps out at us which is a real stayer, is all our beautiful blazers. They are SO very versatile. We've currently been wearing them with our black leather leggings and layering a cami over them with a black blazer. But we just don't stop at black - yes, I'm guilty of having a multitude of blazers due to years of collection - but honestly I have worn each of them over and over again as trends come and go each year! So how do we update them for 2016?

layering your blazers and best tips

Here are a few suggestions for you...

    • Keep layering your blazers over leggings - believe this look is here to stay for a while! Mix up the camis you wear underneath depending on your mood!
    • Belt your blazer - its a great look, it cinches your waist so its very flattering, and provides a Dior-esque look that is easy on the pocket!
    • Layer any number of soft coloured camis underneath - blues, lavenders, oranges all work to add a bolt of colour to change up any outfit - so this automatically gives you more outfits to show off!
    • Blazers over a long boho skirt offers a great contrast of structure and flow that work effortlessly together and provides a very chic look. Layer a cami underneath that is meant to be seen and you are ready to hit the streets.
    • And last but not least, if you have a sheer dress, pop a coloured slip underneath and throw a blazer over the top - the mix of textures and colours makes for a head turner and provides a unique look that your friends will be enviable of.     

Photo credit: lolobu.com                                                    

Photo credit: Hazy Hydrangea camisole by Sheath Beneath worn here by Miss Universe Australia Monika Radulovic                                                  

how to wear sheer tops and dresses & how to layer

Got any styling questions or comments, or need some tips on how to wear sheer tops and dresses, please email us at hello@sheathbeneath.com and we'll solve your fashion queries x

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