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I love revisiting trends from past years, and giving them a contemporary twist.  It just shows that they have staying power and gives those of us who perhaps missed out then, to embrace something new.

The choker was most recently popular in the 90's, but actually dates back to the victorian era, and certainly ballerinas seemed to particularly embrace it over the years.

The 2017 choker - we really must find a better name for it! - has been simplified and can be anything from a piece of black satin tied around your neck, to a blue bandana to complement your double denim outfit.

Just the other day I used my multi-coloured Missoni scarf and tied it in a bow around my neck, worn with a coloured cami and matching monochromatic blazer and pants I had on - and got so many compliments!

So be daring and playful, use your scarves, your favourite fabrics to dress us your neck. Even shorten your long necklaces to wind around your neck tighter to create this look.

The choker - another great trend for 2017

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