Sheer bliss!

2015 saw a resurgence of sheer clothing - all our favourite celebrities embraced it like never before - needless to say some were quite revealing! But how we love it. There is something so soft and flowy and sexy about wearing sheer shirts and dresses, that we cannot help but keep purchasing them again and again. 

Sheer shirts and dresses are here to stay for 2016

Trend forecasters have identified that the sheer trend is in full swing for this year - how happy does that make us?! We are seeing everything from casual shirts in sheer fabrics like Equipment FR, in a multitude of prints, to dresses for both casual and evening - there really are no boundaries on when or how to wear these pieces.

Camis and slips to complete your outfit

Most of us are not as brave as our celebrity heroes! So that begs the question how do we wear these beautiful pieces out and about? Camis and slips to the rescue - and these solve the issue of what to wear underneath. This certainly was the inspiration for the Sheath Beneath brand. But not only have we developed the basics of nude and black - we love colour - so we developed a seasonal colour range for both the camis and the slips in soft tones, to really lift your sheer coloured pieces. Blues, soft oranges and lavenders add a further dimension to the sheer coloured pieces. And each time you pull a sheer piece out of your closet, choose a different colour to put underneath and it changes up your outfit. Immediately your wardrobe has expanded! 

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  •  Photo credit: Dusky Sky slip by Sheath Beneath

How to wear sheer tops and dresses & how to layer

Got any styling questions or comments, or need some tips on how to wear sheer tops and dresses, please email us at and we'll solve your fashion queries x

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