Do you want skinny legs?

Don't we all? Apart from endless exercise which we know we should all do, there is a fashion trend that can help this along!

Enter the a-line skirt! 

I've discovered this recently as I now have a couple in my closet and have noticed the affect it has on how my legs look - you guessed it - skinnier!! 

Given the skirt falls below the knee the lower leg appears thinner, calves more shapely, ankles slimmer -voilá. 

Layer it with a cami or fitted shirt

Team it with a fitting top like a soft cami and you'll feel great. 

Try a white or winter white skirt layered with a coloured top that is quite structured and this will pull the outfit together. 

Ahh, the trick of the eye!!


  • Photo credit: Glamour
  • Photo credit: Vogue

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