Up to your neck!

High necks  are a key trend for this year - and quite honestly we love it! I don't know one person that a turtleneck - yes they are still calling them that! - does not look good on!

It accentuates your décolletage - one of the lovelies parts of our body - and highlights your face more. I have always been a fan - and have in the past been searching high and low for these and it has been a chore - but no more!

They come in a couple of styles, the summer ones can be cutaway at the shoulders for a very sexy look. Layer over a blazer propped on your shoulders and you'll look a million dollars.

For the cooler months, you can find them in a light wool - just pop a cami underneath, tuck the turtleneck into a tailored pant or skirt and chicness will be yours.

  • Photo credit: style.com
  • Photo credit: lulus.com

How to wear sheer tops and dresses & how to layer

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