Loosen up those pants!

Loose trousers are very much on trend for 2016 - we certainly started seeing more a boho influence on trousers over the last year but now what we are seeing is a more tailored waistline and loose leg, or pant and the look is even more chic!

Cinched waistline and wider pant is the order of the season - in a variety of colours, prints and textures, cropped or full length - take your pick.

Layering is easy

This style makes it super easy to layer something over the top - from a simple cami in contrasting colours to a structured shirt and jacket over the top. Even the knotted shirt has a part to play here, giving the outfit more texture.

And a further benefit is a wonderful flat loafer - oh so comfortable! - works perfectly with such an ensemble.

Are we seeing a comfort trend as well - we think so!!

  • Photo credit: Elle
  • Photo credit: Harpers Bazaar

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