Stripped back stripes

Have you given much thought to stripes lately? Something we discovered a while back that the striped tee can be just as versatile as our wonderful basic white tees - and even has some benefits over what we always considered the perfect basic!

White or stripe?

White tees and shirts come with their own issues - yes we love them but sometimes do they stay as white as you would like, do they go out of shape, and how often do you put them on to find the minutest of stains on them that show up like a big black blob on a white background?

Stripes on the other hand don't have these afflictions - and they are just as good as neutrals for teaming with lots of colours and prints and great for layering over pretty much everything!

All shapes and sizes

And stripes come in many variations - vertical horizontal, small and large, and many different colours of the rainbow - so go try them out and you'll be surprised how the simple strip can be a serious contender for your new basic!

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How to wear sheer tops and dresses & how to layer

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