Pencil pushers

How we love the pencil skirt! I don't think there is one body shape that doesn't benefit from this style! And their versatility is so broad!

The obvious purpose is for work - and there of course the blazer works so well - we love a cropped blazer with a lightweight shirt or cami underneath to truly show off the silhouette of the skirt.

Rock the pencil skirt outside of the office

But there are so many ways to wear the pencil skirt that can work from casual to evening wear and not look corporate.

Wear a silky shirt tucked in to the skirt and it can really lift the outfit. Some of our favourite shirts are Equipment, who have so many beautiful and different fabrics (we've collected our fair share!) in silks and sheer. Leave the top buttons undone to give it a truly feminine feel and team it with flats or a heel depending on your mood.

Alternatively wear a utilitarian style shirt, almost military style - see this pic below, taking it more casual but chic.

No matter what the fabric of the skirt, heavy cotton fabric, satin or even metallic, don't be afraid to mix the fabric of  your shirts - this outfit will always be a winner!

  • Photo credit: - Carine Roitfeld - 
  • Photo credit: Sheath Beneath Back to Black cami

How to wear sheer tops and dresses & how to layer

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