Colour block & you can be slimmer!

Obviously we are talking about perception here.... and putting a single block colour on top and another on the bottom of your outfit goes a long way to give you the appearance of a more svelte, taller look - we love this tip!

We've seen it work with crop tops, tucked in waisted pieces, or even longer tops, which in our opinion works the best.

What colours to layer

Focus on wearing darker shades on the bottom with your pants, jeans and skirts - darker colours enhance this look. Then go to town with your brightest of brights on the top in any solid colour you please. And one last tip if weather permits - throw a singular colour coat over the top which pulls the whole ensemble together and adds to this structure.

Remember - the more contrast the better to really make use of this helpful tip!

  • Photo credit: Wayne Tippetts
  • Photo credit: Sortrashion

How to wear sheer tops and dresses & how to layer

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