Faux fur is just fun to wear!

As animal lovers we would never consider buying a fur coat and we are steadfast on that. So let's just put that out there first.

We openly admit that faux fur, in all its synthetic glory - is just fun to wear! 

And designers have embraced it and also made it, for the most part, very affordable - so its definitely on our fall/winter rotation list!

Layer faux fur in many different ways

The list of faux fur items is really quite extensive and goes way past the traditional (not!) coat but we will put it at the top of the list as it's the first piece you would think of - here a a host of others to consider - 

  • coat
  • clutch
  • vest
  • stole
  • slip-on mules
  • ear-muffs
  • hat
  • sweatshirt 
  • scarf
  • gloves
  • embellishments on shoes as well as many other items

And as these come in so many gorgeous colours, they only need a simple basic to layer underneath and you have a statement outfit - so easy and so fun!

Even our favourite retailers like H&M and Uniqlo are offering this trend at prices we love - so this is a very easy trend to pull off - have fun xx

  • Photo credit: Stockholm-style
  • Photo credit: Tangelo slip by Sheath Beneath

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