Obsessed with paisley!

Ok... I'm thrilled! I've always loved this print - don't even know why or how it started - but have a lot of paisley print in my wardrobe. It seems like such an old-fashioned concept - but it seems that I am not alone!

The paisley print is here to stay

Not only have I found fellow paisley lovers - but some of my favourite designers have embraced this print recently and are showing new collections for people like us. 

It has always been a signature print for the Etro brand (yes I have a few pieces) and now one of my faves - Isabel Marant - has bought out many paisley pieces in their new collection - and I, for one am excited.

With such a bold print, putting together an outfit is really simple. Just grab a solid top or cami, or pants/skirt to pair with  it, and you are ready to walk out the door. It will always be a statement piece and always look chic!

Paisley day & night layering

Because it is bold, it is a great print that can take you from day to night. Soften it in the day with neutrals, and sharpen it up at night time with some extra accessories - easy peasy! 

  • Photo credit: Isabel Marant sheer dress
  • Photo credit: Sheath Beneath Black Cami with pencil skirt

How to wear sheer tops and dresses & how to layer

Got any styling questions or comments, or need some tips on how to wear sheer tops and dresses, please email us at hello@sheathbeneath.com and we'll solve your fashion queries x

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