Slip into something comfortable!

It's Sunday, we've been at the beach today for a swim, come home, washed away the day's sunscreen and salt, - yes we live near the ocean - I know how lucky we are! - and I turn to my closest to find my comfiest piece to curl up on the couch in. Then I'll pour myself a glass of wine and see what movie is on the TV tonight to settle in.

What pieces are couch worthy?

There are a few options - my floral daisy pants I bought at a vintage store on my way to a meeting the other day (!) yes got side-tracked but could not resist these - my hippy side came out when I say them! And I'll throw on a soft coloured cami over the top.

Another option is my white embroidered throwover I bought in Santorini at the top of the town. I was directed to this secret shop that sells these - amongst a thousand stores that sell something similar! but I was told I had to go here - and voilá - ended up buying myself 3, and one for all the family - it doubles as a nightie, and is perfect for sitting on my balcony in the morning with my first coffee of the day.

Softness is the key

But, I think out of these options the most important thing is to find something in a soft fabric that becomes part of your body, and can take you from changing out of your day clothes - to couch - to bed - its truly that comfortable. In summer a simple soft slip can fit this bill, and in the cooler months layer over a cashmere throw and you'll feel just heavenly.

Photo credit: adrian.celmer

Photo credit: Hazy Hydrangea slip by Sheath Beneath

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