Silver's not just for jewelry!

This year we are seeing a fashion trend that we haven't for many years - metallics - and they certainly have come a long way since they were last trending! In 2016 the fashion forecasters believe this is a key trend for the year - and we are excited to see how this manifests in designers' ranges. Silver pieces - however your wear them - will create 'stand up and be noticed' outfits!

How to wear silver

We all now the versatility of greys - we love them for their warmth and flexibility to be paired with most pieces in our wardrobe. Our team think of silver as a shiny alternative! Silver can be paired with so many colours - best to use softer tones to pull the outfit together, like soft blues, lavender, and of course black.

Use camis as a backdrop with silver

Camis over a silver skirt or pants are the perfect backdrop to start layering your outfit. Over skirts or pants and jeans, use a long cami and throw over your favourite blazer or a sheer shirt. Keep the accessories miminal, grab your clutch and your ready to shine!

  • Photo credit: WhoWhatWear
  • Photo Credit: Black cami by Sheath Beneath worn here by Miss Universe Australia

How to wear sheer tops and dresses & how to layer

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